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12-24DC 15A1ch CV 0-10V Dimmer IP15V-Multidim-0

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12-24DC 15A*1ch CV 0-10V Dimmer

- Model: IP15V-Multidim-0
- Input Voltage: 12/24VDC 
- Output Power: 180W/12V, 360W/24V
- Output Current: 15A max
- Channels: 1

12V 24V DC 1 Channel Constant Voltage Dimmable Driver IP15V-Multidim-0

This is a multi-functional LED dimmer, dimming mode, dimming curve, min brightness level all can be selected by dip switch.

Product Name: 12V 24V DC 1 Channel Constant Voltage Dimmable Driver


Input Voltage


Loadable current




Output Power

180W/12V, 360W/24V

Working Temp


Packing Size



(with warring led)

Short-circuit Protect

Over Current Protect

Over Temperature Protect

Gross Weight

93 g

Memory Function

Available in touch dim



Function Select Table

1. Analog Dim/Touch Dim Switch Table

Analog dim mode is selected by Switch bit 6 to off status, and if switch bit 6 to on status Touch Dim function will be selected.
Touch dimmer is only a switch, signal isn’t have polarity in touch dim function.

2. Min Brightness Switch Table

Min brightness can be set in this dimmer from 0-15%. This function is available in both analog function and touch dim function. This feature is very effective to solve the led flicker issue in low-end. If led flicker, please up-regulate the min brightness.

3. Anti-interference Switch Table

Normal or Hysteresis

4. Dimming Curve Switch Table

Linear dimming or Logarithmic Dimming

5. Dimming Mode Switch Table

0-10V Dimming or 1-10V dimmng


Wiring Diagram

1. Analog dimmer mode

2. Touchdim mode

1. Short press the Touch DIM switch (<0.5s) to control the lamp on or off.
2. Long press the Touch DIM switch (>0.5s) to dim the brightness of light;
The Dimming direction will inverse each time after long pressing switch.
(3)When the light power off, long press the Touch DIM switch can turn on the light and adjust it brightness according to the dimming direction.
(4)The brightness adjustment range is 5%-100%, and the light can be turned off through short pressing. 
(5)Power off memory function, the power-down state before will be maintained when power on again.

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