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240~480W 5A4ch CV DMX Decoder IP24-PX500D

product-IPON LED-img
product-IPON LED-img

5A*4ch 240~480W 12-24VDC Connector Button Constant Voltage DMX Decoder IP24-PX500D


01. Meets DMX512/1990

02. With 4 channels output and Max.5A/CH output

03. Decoder can Diagnose & Indicate DMX512 signal status(Not Connected, Pause, Normal), easy for using

04. Can set the DMX address more easily by Keys

05. With the light color selected mechanism, and be able to control the light with 1~4 colors

06. 256-level brightness,full-color control,with control system,can express perfect effect

07.Use Logarithmic dimming curve, smooth dimming effect

08. For customer setup and use easily, the default address code is 1

Technical Parameter

Product Name

DMX512 Constant Voltage Decoder



Decode CH.


Input Signal

DMX-512/1990 digital signal  

Output Signal

can drive 5A max(Each CH.)

Power Supply

DC 12~24V

Power Dissipation


Power Output


Operating Tempeture






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