How about the minimum order quantity for OBM products?
It depends. Minimum amount will be determined when we receive your specifications on the product. We welcome all of OBM orders and will customize any kind of dmx decoder controller for your own specifications. Should you require a customized product for you, contact OBM section.

IPOIPON General Electric Industry Co.Ltd. General Electric Industry Co.Ltd. is dedicated into the daylight sensor area for a long time and is highly acknowledged. IPON focuses on providing a variety of wireless switch for customers. IPON dimmable driver for led is developed by a professional development and design team based on the needs of customers. IPON - Power Up Lighting Systems. Designed scientifically, dmx led driver has a solid and firm structure with good bearing performance and stability. It can withstand the test of external force impact without deformation.

our team General Electric Industry Co.Ltd. will constantly blaze new trails to provide the best quality products to global markets. Contact!
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