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by:IPON LED     2020-06-13
When people talk about sound system surround, they often get confused about the various terms used.In fact, the theme of the film family system is invaded by different terms describing the same thing.Home theater is a home theater or surround sound system.
If we take a look at the main components of the cinema home system, we can better understand the terminology.The cinema family system is usually composed of three main components.Some systems may have more components, but there are three basic components.
The term screen is very clear: the screen may even be your TV, and it is high.You can use a digital projector or the best TV you can find.The receiving device represents the content you use to receive images and sounds.
Cable TV, Blu-ray TVRay player or a DVD, iPod/iPad or a console that is used on a large scale with the cinema home system.Modern systems offer you the possibility to use different receiving devices.The sound system processes the sound and transmits the components to your room.
Sound equipment is the center of your system.When it comes to choosing a sound system, there are a variety of options.The sound system for home theater consists of a loudspeaker and a speaker.
There are different configurations, 5.
The most popular now is the sound system.
The 7.
As their prices fall rapidly, they will soon become market leaders.The 5.1 System has 6 speakers-5 main speakers are often referred to as satellites, and there is also a subwoofer, which has a speaker dedicated to transmitting low-frequency bass sounds.The surround sound amplifier is also called A receiver or A/V receiver.
You can match it with an amplifier.
Actually, it is working on the sound from the receiver and sending it to the speaker according to the system configuration.It controls the volume and enlarges the sound transmitted to the speaker.The integrated sound amplifier will perform these operations, allowing you to select different devices and control the sound system.
This is the brain behind the operation, which is why the most expensive parts of the system.A good sound device will be at the heart of any home theater system.In some systems, the integrated amplifier is replaced by separated components.
You will see clearly a surround processor and a sound amplifier.These can be very expensive and complex.The quality of the integrated system today is so great that the purchase of processors and surround sound amplifiers alone does not justify the additional time and investment
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