is it a remote control or a magic wand?

by:IPON LED     2020-05-31
When I think of a magic wand, I think of wizards, witches, fairies and magicians and cast magic.
Think about how fun it would be to have a work stick and use magic to eliminate problems in life.
It would be even better if you could make everything around you happy and turn anyone into a clam trying to ruin things!
Unfortunately, we don\'t get what we want in our lives, but with the development of technology, you will never know.
I still remember the days when I invented the microwave oven and computer now I lost the microwave, the computer became so important in my life that I needed to have a laptop and a desktop, now I\'m thinking of a smaller travel netbook.
I remember being a TV family is worth bragging about, but it\'s normal to have two computers in this era.
When 50 years ago most families didn\'t even have TV and when they did they were black and white it was amazing.
After the TV spread to most families and more channels, the remote control appeared.
They are popular because people are too lazy to get up and turn on, off, or switch TV channels, although they have grown rapidly from the original TV remote-called \"Lazy Bones\"-invented in 1952.
The early remote was connected to the TV with a long cable and the motor turned the tuner. Then the Flash-o-
The invention was made in 1955.
It works by aligning the flashlight to the 4 corners of the TV, each with a photosensitive unit and a different function.
You can turn on, off, change the channel and turn the sound up and down, but the sun is OK too, so the idea is abandoned. In 1957 -
This was before Star Wars.
The space commandos were invented \".
This is a wireless remote control that uses ultrasound to perform functions.
The problem with this idea is that metals sometimes affect TV as well.
To be honest, I used to think I had a ghost in my house because my TV kept on and off, and then I realized it was my dog and the metal shards on her collar that moved in front of the TV.
Obviously, the high frequency also makes the dog bark, but I bark a lot.
Before the invention of the infrared remote control, another 20 years have passed, which is another matter.
There is a button for each feature, and there are actually so many buttons, which could be a learning curve.
Good, but in the process of inventing the video recorder, we lazy people need a remote control.
Then you can use the digital box and video game machine with the TV, then the Music Center with the remote control.
When it becomes very chaotic.
You go into any normal home and discover that there are several different remotes waiting there to confuse you.
I took a look at my grandson and I was blank when they asked me to turn on the TV or their game console.
When I look at them, I wonder which one it is.
Fortunately, the 5-year-old has a better idea than I do.
Now I see they invented the magic wand remote.
S them, tap them and you can control anything that has a remote control.
So far, they only have enough functionality to control both devices, but that\'s enough for me!
Since it\'s hard to find the right gift for men, I\'m pretty sure the wands remote will be the winner.
Men like to control the TV and get into any family, you usually see the remote control near where the man in the House is sitting, if they are not hidden so that no one else can switch the show.
Next Christmas, I will buy one for my son-in-law and can\'t wait to see the expression of my grandson when their father performs some magic tricks.
I like gadgets and can even buy one for myself!
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