wall-switch and remote control operated motorized window coverings

by:IPON LED     2020-05-30
By adding electric features and remote controls, the chic and new look of the window style is further simplified.
Now, all the work of manually lifting the blinds or opening and closing the slats can be done by simply pressing the button.
This is definitely professional.
To find a way to deal with the natural lighting situation in the office, we must impress our customers with the efficiency of the company.
At home, electric curtains can avoid elderly and disabled people having to get up and adjust window care and can give you a super
The stylish look is just right for a modern family.
Do you remember that your parents open the curtains at home every morning so that the light can come in and then close them at night to keep them private?
All of this is done by hand, and while it works, it is not efficient enough.
From there, the blinds, blinds and curtains replaced the curtains of many families and the window treatments became more modern.
It\'s hard to imagine where the window cover industry will go from there, but now that we\'re in the 21st century, they \'ve introduced a modern way to open and close our windows.
Electric window handling can be operated in two ways.
They can be turned on, off, or moved to an intermediate position by using a convenient wall switch, or work through the remote control.
Using these media, window treatments can be operated individually or in groups.
For example, if you have electric curtains on the windows of the sun room, you can choose to open all the curtains at the same time, or you can open the blinds or curtains on the other side of the room, keep some closed to block the sun.
You can choose multiple types of electric window treatments to open them for unlimited decorative possibilities.
Some options include 2 \"blinds, roller curtains, honeycomb curtains, Solar Screen, Roman curtains and mini blinds \".
You can also choose a wide range of materials, such as woven wood, bamboo, silk, vinyl, wood and artificial wood, and aluminum, so you\'re sure to find something that looks perfect in your room.
Automatic window handling makes your home more elegant and convenient.
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