usb pd controller from diodes incorporated supports standard and proprietary protocols for power delivery in a small outline

by:IPON LED     2020-06-28
The usb pd controller from dioddes Incorporated supports standard and proprietary protocols for power supply in the small form factor package business wire plano, Texas-
Dides company, May 14, 2019 (Nasdaq: DIOD)
The introduction of the ap43770 USB type was announced today --
C. ™Power transmission (PD)
Controller is a highly integrated solution for PD via USB in both fixed and portable devices as well as in offline power adapters.
Good AP43770-
It is suitable for a series of applications that implement usb pd, including AC adapter, power hub, battery pack and usb pd converter.
It has an embedded micro-controller that meets the latest USB type to run the firmware-
C specification and USB pdvision 3. 0 V1. 1.
Support from Qualcomm®Fast charging™(QC)
The 4/4 is a built-in device.
In addition, qc3 is included. 0, QC2.
0, and BatteryCharging (BC)revision 1.
2 and other legacy protocols with automatic functions
Detection means that backward compatibility can be maintained with existing devices.
Programmable power supply (PPS)
Ap43770 also supports the features introduced in the latest version of the usb pd specification.
The PPSfeature allows the output voltage to vary according to the load requirements;
Use the associated enhanced power data object (APDO).
APDO supports PPS implementation in AP43770 through constant current and constant voltage (CC/CV)
Output drive in 50 mA level to 6a level adjustable in 3 v and natural 20 v between respectively adjustable 20 mV level.
As the usb pd has the potential to provide a high level of power supply, the USB eMarkerfeature is increasingly being applied to active cables.
AP43770 includes the necessary support for eMarker technology in order to detect and identify cables before power is supplied.
Cable compensation is also supported.
When coupled with a suitable PWM controller such as the diode \'ap3yml, the ap43770 provides a complete PD solution.
It also has an OTP of up to 8kb (
Firmware code)or MTP (
Available for user configuration parameters.
MTP memory can be used to set the power specifications and protocol options as per the manufacturer\'s requirements.
AP43770 in space-saving TSSOP-16 package.
More information is provided on Www. diodes. com.
Qualcomm is a trademark of Qualcomm, registered in the United States and other countries.
Fast charges are registered trademarks.
Qualcomm fast charging is a product of Qualcomm TechnologyUSB Type-
C is the trademark of the USB Implementer Forum.
About the merged diode (Nasdaq: DIOD)
S & P 600 and Russell 3000 are the world\'s leading high-tech manufacturers and suppliers
High quality application specific standard products in a wide range of discrete, logical, analog and hybrid fields
Signal semiconductor market
Diodes serve the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial and automotive markets.
Diode, rectifier, transistor, mosfet, protection device, function-
Hall-specific array, single gate logic, amplifier and comparator
Effects and temperature sensors including LED driver, AC power supply, power management equipment
DC converters and controllers
Dcswitch and linear voltage regulator and special functional devices such as USB power switch, load switch, voltage regulator and motor controller.
Diodes also feature timing, connectivity, switches, and high signal integrity solutionsspeed signals.
The company\'s headquarters and the US sales office are located in Plano, California, Texas and Milpitas, respectively.
Center for design, marketing and engineering in Plano; Milpitas; Taipei, Taiwan;
Taoyuan City, Taiwan;
Beads of Taiwan;
New House, Germany.
The Dio wafer fabrication plant is located in Manchester, UK and greenlock, and Shanghai, China.
The diodes are equipped with assembly and testing facilities in Shanghai, Jinan, Chengdu and Yangzhou, China, as well as Hong Kong, Newhouse and Taipei.
In addition, there are engineering, sales, warehouse and logistics offices in Taipei; Hong Kong; Manchester; Shanghai;
SHENZHEN, China; Seongnam-Si, South Korea;
Munich, Germany, with support offices around the world.
Latest press releases, annual reports and SEC documents are provided on the company\'s website: written requests may be sent directly to the company or electronic requests
Mailed to: Dides-fin@diodes. com.
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Contact Information: Company Contact person: Dides inode demily YangVP, global sales and marketing p: 972-987-
3900E: the pressure of the diode.
Contact for Investor Relations: Shelton gloughley Anne K.
SieversEVP, Investor Relations: 949-224-
3874 e: lsievers @ sheltongroup.
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