simple buck led driver with pwm input

by:IPON LED     2020-05-21
Power LEDs over 1 w are now very cheap.
I believe many of you have added led as a light source to your project.
However, I realized that finding and configuring the power supply is still not as simple as it was;
Commercial LED drivers are handy but tend to be over-used or inflexible.
Even my own Universal LED driver is sometimes overused.
Some projects require a minimal simple driver. Money for the poor
Simple, constant current LED driver so I created \"Buck for the poor \"-simple switch-mode (buck)
Constant current LED driver without a micro controller or dedicated IC.
\"It\'s easy to get all the parts,\" off-the-shelf\", though-hole parts.
Even though the drive is very simple, I have added a current regulation function that can be used as a dimmer as well as an input that controls the output with PWM.
This makes \"money for the poor\" the perfect build block for Arduino or other LED projects based on micro-controllers --
You can control a lot of high
Just send the PWM signal to supply power from the micro controller.
With Arduino, you can simply use \"AnalogWrite ()
\"Control high brightness-power LEDs.
I believe there are a lot of uses for small drivers like this
Lamp under shelf, lamp conversion on desktop, lantern of LED, etc.
The power supply can be that kind of wall-
There are warts around.
The voltage between 5 and 20 v can be used.
Battery can also be used. (As of Aug. 9, 2012)
The power supply voltage range was initially quoted as 5 to 24 V.
However, since the MOSFET can only tolerate-
Between the power supply and the gate is 20 v, and the power supply should not exceed 20 v.
I will release the circuit modification soon to allow the voltage to exceed 20 v.
Thanks to youhanlin_y for bringing this to my attention.
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