intelligent dimmable led driver and power supply for smart lighting control

by:IPON LED     2020-06-25
The Smart Dimmable LED driver is a power supply with LED lighting dimming function. Unlike ordinary power supply, it designs intelligent control interfaces such as DALI, DMX, RF and WiFi.
This LED power supply is the perfect solution for smart home and building automation, and is a popular trend in the world.
The LED driver is the power supply for LED lighting, which converts the AC input voltage to the DC output voltage to power the connected lamp.
Depending on the type of lamp, the DC output can be a constant voltage or a constant current.
Intelligent dimming interface for intelligent control.
For example, DALI and DMX that both address and support group and scene control.
In a DALI or DMX system, the dimmable LED driver is from the controller and you need the master controller to output a digital signal to the drive.
Each system is able to address multiple drivers individually or synchronously.
Or you can configure them as groups with master servers as well.
You can then control multiple drivers together.
RF and WiFi means that the master station wirelessly sends a signal to the slave station, all you need to do is pair the driver with the master controller, and each master station can pair with multiple drivers, the flexibility of the control is greatly improved, and the installation cost and time are reduced.
When selecting dimmable LED drives, you must know some important tips on how to choose a good drive.
Power factor and efficiency are parameters that describe the useful power of the driver and the energy efficiency of the driver.
Usually the driver with higher power factor and efficiency will be better.
Regarding the parameters, you can consult your supplier.
A good dimmable drive will not have flickering and noise.
If the connected LED lights flash when dim, the human eye may be injured.
At the same time, if there is noise at work, it will also pollute the environment.
The cause of noise may be high ripple current or PWM frequency.
Standby power consumption is also important for dimmable LED drivers.
If a large lighting project uses thousands of drives, the standby power consumption per drive will be low so that the total standby power consumption will be low.
Generally, dimmable drives with a standby power of less than 1w are a good drive.
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