INNFOS Intelligent Robot XR1 Revealed at MWC

by:IPON LED     2020-05-20
World Conference on Mobile CommunicationsMWC)
The annual industry conference was held in Barcelona, Spain, on February 25-28.
At 14: 00 local time on February 26, the R & D team of China innuofusi exposed SCA and XR-1.
Through presentations such as greetings, coffee service, dance, Q & A and even needle-piercing, XR-
Attracted the attention of many participants and the media.
More importantly, the robot presents an actuator developed by INNFOS that meets the serial standard.
This is an important step in building a service robot that can interact closely with humans.
SCA refers to the implementation organization independently developed by INNFOS that meets the intelligent standards.
SCA integrates the underlying servo drive, high
High quality precision encoder
Electric, electric and electric
Weight gear reducer.
It\'s the foundation of XR-
Intelligent service robot. All the XR-
Monthly joint innfos sca assembly.
The most important feature of SCA is its integrated compatible joints, which can achieve high
Accurate and dynamic movement while maintaining its safety features.
These intelligent service robots are now widely used in environments such as business, healthcare facilities, and home.
Realize human security intelligence
Machine interaction, the service robot must include compliance control, can resist the impact, while maintaining highPrecision robot
INNFOS have met all the requirements mentioned above, which makes SCA a cutedge actuator.
The INNFOS team overcame many technical difficulties and slightly reduced the volume of the actuator.
At the same time, the compliance control algorithm has greatly improved
Machine interaction.
SCA can be widely used in the fields of machining, aerospace, precision instruments, healthcare, etc.
At the Expo site, XR-
1 shows its dynamic mechanical properties and high integration.
This will be a new trend for robot joints in the future! INNFOS Drive(Beijing)Technology Limited
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