ideal power\'s grid resilient 30kw power conversion system named a top inverter product of 2015 by solar power world magazine

by:IPON LED     2020-04-30
Ideal Power Company, (NASDAQ: IPWR)
Developers of innovative power conversion Technologies announced today that their power grid is more than 30 KW resilient
The port power conversion system has been named one of the best inverter products in 2015 by Solar World magazine.
The publication selected its top 2015 inverter products based on innovation, flexibility and cost improvement, focusing on differentiated products that are actively deployed in the market.
\"The products that ideal power launched this year have greatly expanded the flexibility of our power conversion system,\" said Dan Brdar, CEO of ideal power . \".
\"In 2015, we saw increasing interest from customers in the integration of peak demand management, renewable energy and micro-grid applications using our systems.
We are honored to receive this recognition and believe that this development and other developments in 2015 validate our approach to product development and technological innovation.
\"Since it started commercializing its technology, the ideal power has been given some height.
Industry awards;
This further understanding reflects the impact of its innovative technologies on the solar storage market.
Due to the great improvement in efficiency and flexibility of its power conversion system, the company has achieved extensive success in demand management in the energy storage market, and it is easier and easier to deploy compared with traditional systems.
\"The solar world is proud to recognize the smartest products in the solar industry this year.
\"The Grid elastic 30 KW power conversion system for ideal power is an example of driving innovation in the industry,\" said Kathie Zipp, Solar World editor . \".
In 2015, Ideal Power introduced a series of power conversion systems with grid elasticity, which is available in the rated power range of 30 KW and 125 KW.
It has two or more versions of its 30 KW system
Port configuration.
Ideal Power\'s products are based on the company\'s patented Power packet switching architecture™(PPSA)
Support new features including 50 hz compatibility and micro-grid capabilities.
Both the 30 KW and 125 KW systems received UL 1741 consistency certification in 2015.
Ideal Power to work with a variety of energy storage developers and integratorsthe-
Meter energy storage systems, many of which are deployed for peak demand management applications.
About Ideal Power Company
Ideal Power Company(NASDAQ: IPWR)
A new patented power conversion technology called power packet switching architecture is developed. ™(PPSA).
The PPSA improves the size, cost, efficiency, flexibility and reliability of the electronic power converter.
PPSA can be expanded in several large and growing markets including commercial grid storage, solar and storage portfolios, micro-grids, and electric vehicle charging.
The ideal power also has capital-
Enable it to address efficient business models in these markets at the same time.
Ideal Power received multiple grants with its PPSA technology, including $2.
5 million grant from Department of Energy\'s bureau of Advanced Research Projects-Energy (ARPA-E)
Projects and markets
Leading customers use PPSA as a key component of their system.
For more information, please visit www. IdealPower. com.
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