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by:IPON LED     2020-04-26
When traveling, it is necessary for many tourists and frequent travelers to co-package the European power converter in their luggage.
For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the device, here are some quick tips and information you need and why you should buy one and always put it in the suitcase.
The standard voltage in the United States is 110 V, while the standard voltage in Europe is 220 V.
Electric voltage.
Therefore, due to the need for a European power converter, for a device that is not equipped with a dual-voltage system, the device works by reducing the 220 V voltage to 110 V.
A feature of the dual-voltage system is that its power consumption and required input can be adjusted and reduced to 110 V, and vice versa.
Carrying the converter with you while traveling is a great advantage as it avoids frying and sending something to your device
Don\'t want to the fireworks
This happens mainly when the US power supply voltage gadget is plugged into a European power outlet.
Although for those new to join, the power adapter is different from the power converter, which is a friendly reminder.
The power adapter is used to make any plug of the device or gadget so that it can be installed in standard sockets in Europe, especially the shape and size of its pins.
On the other hand, as the name implies, the power converter is responsible for reducing and converting the 220 V voltage to 110 V.
If your device and appliance do not have dual voltage system functionality, it is highly recommended that you purchase a European converter.
Frequent travelers and most visitors will recommend the purchase of a European converter of 150 watts or 1600 watts.
The 150 Watt is the practical tile you should buy, if most of your devices need less than or just need 150 watts, such as hair dryer, digital camera, charger, electric shaver and other similar equipment.
This 1600-watt mini power converter is suitable for visitors and travelers who plan to use heavy equipment such as mixers and laptops for a long time.
These two European power converters are light in weight and take up little space, and prizes can be bought reasonably.
If you don\'t know if your equipment can handle the European electrical system, check the capacity of your equipment and appliances before traveling.
Gadgets with dual-voltage systems typically represent 110-
220 voltage, which means you can use it on plugs and sockets in the US and Europe.
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