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by:IPON LED     2020-06-15
Crest amplifier is designed for reliable and perfect operation under strict use.These power amplifiers offer the sound advantages and unparalleled reliability that Crest Audio is known for while maintaining an amazing compact.Crest amplifier is designed for reliable and perfect operation under strict use.
While remaining surprisingly compact, these power amplifiers offer the sound advantages and unparalleled reliability that Crest Audio is known.Advanced technology and a wide range of protection circuits are able to operate with higher efficiency under difficult load and power conditions.All professional series amplifiers fullycompatible Crest Audio® s eight-foot tube seat accessories and NexSyscomputer-Audio control system.
The gm (instantaneous gain modulation) circuit of the peak amplifier ensures trouble-free operation at a load of 2 ohms lower.The clip limits the circuit to protect the driver, ensuring that sonicintegrity is maintained even under extreme overload conditions.Crest sound-Efficiency design using tunnelsCooling radiator and variable speed fan.
This cooling topology maintains a lower overall operating temperature, thus prolonging the life of the output transistor.Although the Crest Audio Professional Series amplifier is very simple to operate, and uses the SuperStrong steel chassis, improper use can cause danger.Some models of these peak amplifiers are very high.
Power amplifier, which can output high voltage and size at frequencies up to 30 kHz.Safe operating techniques are always used in these amplifiers.Professional Series power amplifiers will be installed in standard 19-An inch rack with enough depth.
The 10004 and 10001 amplifiers are high in four rack units;Models 9001 and 8001 are three racks-The space is high, while the theremainers are two racks-space units.Two or three-The rack space unit of crestampliers is equipped with four front panel mounting holes.The 9001, 10001 and 10004 have eight front panel mounting holes.
Crest Audio recommends fixing the power amplifier in the rack using all mounting holes;This will ensure the safety of the equipment.Also rear mount ears are provided on all amplifiers for additional support, which is in non-Permanent devices such as mobile or touring sound systems, but are also recommended for permanent devices.Thanks to the cables and connectors on the therear panel, right-It will be easier to fix the rear mounting ear on the guide rail.
Professional serial amplifier forced-The air cooling system stays low and even works at temperature.Breathe air into the amplifier through the fan on the rear panel and fly through the wings on the rear panelto-back (tunnel-Configured) channel radiator, then discharged through the front panel slot.If any radiator is too hot, its induction circuit will turn on the output relay and disconnect the load from the specific channel.
If the power transformer of the peak amplifier overheat, the other sensing circuit turns on the output relay on all channels until it cools to a safe temperature.It is important that there is enough air supply behind the amplifier, and there is enough space in front of the amplifier for the cooling air to escape.If the amplifier is installed on the rack, do not use the door cover in front of the rack;The exhaust must be kept unblocked.
If you use a closed crest amplifier on the back of the rack, use the fan on the rear rack panel to pressurize the rack and ensure adequate air supply;Also, make sure there is a (1) standard rack space opening for each of the three installed power amplifiers.The professional series crestampliers are equipped with a cooling fan air filter.The position of the filter on the fan housing suddenly breaks.
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