an introduction to colour changing rgb led tape

by:IPON LED     2020-05-26
Color Changing rgb led tape gives you the opportunity to create a colorful and changeable atmosphere with the touch of the button.
It has many of the same features as a single-color product of its kind, including the complete flexibility of the design, customized cutting options, and 3 m self-adhesive backing.
However, there are some significant differences that make it a complete
Interactive lighting experience.
The first is the LED chip itself.
Unlike the LED chip on a single color strip light, the color changing tape has a smart rgb led chip that is able to recreate a palette of various colors.
The reason for this is that each rgb led chip is not actually a chip, but a combination of three chipsets.
The letter \"RGB\" represents red, green and blue, referring to the three primary colors of led mixing in its source.
By producing these three colors in different quantities, they are able to replicate a larger color spectrum.
The color generated by each LED is controlled by the signal conveyed to each of the three internal LEDs through three LEDs (
Red, green, blue)
The signal line on the four-core cable used for color changing LED tape.
These signals come from LED controllers, which are also remotely controlled by infrared sensors or radio frequencies.
The controller is an additional unit installed between the LED driver and the emergency light.
Programming the LED tape is fairly simple, usually with the remote control that comes with the LED controller.
In addition to a series of static color options, RGB tapes are also able to achieve dynamic mode at variable speeds and brightness.
If you are using a very large device, you may need to add an LED amplifier.
These designs are designed to enhance the signal of the LED emergency light by updating the amplitude of the current and should be installed if necessary.
Your overall setup should consist of the following units :-
Color Changing rgb led tape; -
LED controller (RF or IR); -an LED Driver (suitably sized); -an amplifer(s)(if necessary).
Rgb led tapes are currently used in Lacoste stores across the UK, where they add color to the upper wall and ceiling.
The effect they produce is very fashionable and is a positive display of this multi-functional and energy-saving technology.
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