street light dimming approved in lincolnshire

by:IPON LED     2020-06-12
After a big step forward in an energy-saving plan, the street lights in Lincoln County will darken.
The County Council approved a reform plan to save energy, reduce carbon footprint and cut fuel bills.
Officials said the county\'s pilot program indicated that the move would not have an impact on road safety or the level of community crime.
The plan will be consulted for a month, which may reduce energy use by 20%.
The plan will see energy-saving bulbs installed as part of the county\'s 62,000 lamp maintenance, but will also allow them to be turned off in areas with heavy traffic.
In the past two years, as part of the trial, the street lights of Holten Holgate near Spilsby and Mablethorpe have been darkened or closed.
John Munk of the Lincoln County Council stressed that it will only darken when appropriate.
He added: \"When we\'re talking about dimming, we\'re not talking about the dimming switch you might see in the living room or in the dining room.
\"We are reducing the light level from one scheduled design level to another scheduled design level, which applies to lower traffic levels between nine o\'clock P. M. and six o\'clock A. M.
Andrew Howard from AA gave qualified support for the idea.
\"Just do it in a thoughtful way, so there will be lights when it\'s needed in the early morning,\" he said . \".
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