make your own 15x10 rgb led matrix

by:IPON LED     2020-05-15
In this video series I will show you how to build a 15x10 RGB LED matrix.
The width of this matrix is 1.
Height of 5 m and 1 m.
It consists of pl98 23 RGB led and is a cheap alternative to the regular WS2812 led.
I will talk about the challenges of such a project and how I can solve most of the problems during the build process.
At the end of this note you should be able to build such a monster and be able to control it via Raspberry Pi 2 via Glediator software.
Believe me, it looks great!
Let\'s start!
If you\'re curious about how I built a wooden building around the matrix itself, then look at my previous instructions on my LED stick: 1 is about how I started this project ,. . . . . . .
There are many problems.
This is just an introduction and does not show my final design.
You can skip it if you really don\'t have time.
This video gives you all the information you need to build your own matrix.
You can already control the pl98 23 LEDs with the Arduino Nano to produce an excellent light display.
Here is a list of small parts with sample sellers: Ebay: 8mm x pl98 23 rgb led 8mm: 100nF Capacitors: 5v 12A power supply: Arduino Nano: ω resistor: pl98 23
50x 100nF capacitor: 5v 12A power supply: Arduino Nano: Ω resistor: pl98 23 rgb led 8mm: 100nF capacitor: 1x5 v 12A power supply: Arduino Nano: Ω resistor: also required: 15m 3x1. 5 qmm NYM 15m 0.
75 qmm solid line of 2 m 5 × 2.
Here is the code I use in this video section.
In this way, you don\'t need Raspberry Pi 2 to control your LED matrix, just the Arduino Nano.
Looks great already!
Mediafire Link: last part, I show you how to use the Glediator matrix animation software with Raspberry Pi 2/Banana Pro/Banana Pi/Orange Pi.
Here is a list of boards that should work properly: Ebay: Raspberry Pi 2: Pi: Pro: Pi :-Amazon.
De: Raspberry Pi 2: Pi: Pro: Pi :-
Here, you can download the code that needs to be uploaded to the Arduino Nano before using the Glediator software.
Here is my third part of the video: Raspberry Pi 2 Raspian Download: Glediator Download: Raspian Download: is the list of commands I use in the last part of the video series: sudo passwd root (
Change password for root user)
Change Directory)java -jar Glediator. jar (
Perform Glediator. jar)sudo apt-
Install librxtx-java (
Install RXTX library for Java)
Export the Classpath =/usr/share/java/RXTXcomm. jar (
Change class path)
Export ld_library _ path =/usr/lib/jni (
Change ld_library _ path)You did it!
Now sit down and enjoy the light show.
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