make your own 10x10 led matrix

by:IPON LED     2020-05-16
In this project, I will show you how to combine the commonly used WS2812B RGB LED with the Arduino Nano to create a color 10x10 LED matrix.
Let\'s start!
The video gives you all the basic information you need to create your own LED matrix.
However, in the next steps, I will provide some additional information to make the entertainment of this project easier.
Here you can find a list of parts with sample sellers: Amazon.
Com: WS2812B led: 4A power: Jack: Nano: led: 4A power: Jack: Board: Nano: Shop for improvement: 4mm beech plywood 2.
5mm Opal acrylic glass hard 1.
5mm 2 line flexible 0.
You need to create a foam board grid (first off of line 75mm ^ 2)
See attached pictures).
Then you need two 24. 5x24.
5 cm square made of mountain wool ball plywood and acrylic glass.
The last part of the case is the parties.
I chose the dimension of 4. 8x25. 5 cm.
I create rectangular patterns at both ends of each side with extra centimeters in order to lock them together.
The rest of the case build and cabling is explained in the video.
Here you can download awesome collections of different animations.
But don\'t forget to copy the FastLED Library (
Before uploading the code, in the Arduino folder.
Also feel free to create your own code and share it in the comments section. You did it!
You just created your own 10x10 LED matrix!
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