control an rgb led matrix with android and ioio

by:IPON LED     2020-05-05
The product version of this project is available on an interactive mirror controlled by Android.
Interactive mirroring runs a variety of Android apps that display pictures, running text, simple games, and video streaming on Android devices via Bluetooth.
Material: RGB 16x32 matrix from Adafruit-
$80 pixel production kit (
Including Bluetooth dongle and microSD card)Black Fabric (an old Black T-shirt will do)
Black foam Lumia 5v 2A power supply 2-Way Mirror -
12 \"x 12\" size frame $20 (
Antique Shop is a great place to look for a unique look)
Android phone tape-2. 3.
If you use Bluetooth for people who are not familiar with IOIO, IOIO, it is 3 or more (pronounced \"yo-yo\")
Is an open source micro controller.
Think of it as likkid, but it\'s very well integrated for Android.
Unlike Arduino-based and Android interface methods, the difference between IOIO is that you are responsible for the firmware.
You can use IOIO Java provided-fully control analog and digital pins from Android app codeBased on the Library;
No extra Arduino sketch required!
This greatly simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on the Android app code.
In addition to the basic digital input/output and analog input, the IOIO library handles PWM, I2C, SPI, and asynchronous controls.
With the IO Manager app on your Android phone, the firmware can be easily upgraded.
For this project you will need to install a custom IOIO app firmware that supports the 16x32 rbg led matrix from adafruitit which can be downloaded from here (
Scroll down the page to the rgb led matrix section).
A cool feature of IOIO is that you can use your Android device to install different firmware and connect to IOIO BoardIf, you are a developer who modifies the source code, A special version of IOIO Library is also needed here.
To do this, first install the IOIO Manager application on your Android device, then import the RGB matrix application firmware into IOIO manager as described below, and then download it to the IOIO board via USB.
Special thanks to Ytai Ben-
The creator of IOIO, Tsvi, wrote this custom firmware for this project.
The IOIO board currently has two flavors.
The basic IOIO board of Sparkfun and the version of Seeedstudio and adafruiti include some additional features such
Motherboard LiPO charger, LiPO battery, plug pin, Bluetooth dongle, mini USB board power/charging port and mint tin case.
Connect everything according to this schematic.
If this is a permanent installation, you can cut off the other end of the LED matrix cable that comes with it (
This cable is shipped with a 16x32 LED matrix from Adafruit)
Weld directly to the pins on IOIO.
Before installing to the photo frame, please check that everything is connected correctly before proceeding.
5v power supply to IOIO board and 5v power supply to LED matrix.
Bluetooth dongle can also be plugged into the IO board.
Bluetooth pairs IOIO with an Android phone with a pairing code of: 4545.
Then install an app in step 5 on your Android phone and run it.
If all goes well then you will see the LED matrix light up for each application.
Cut the black foam holder into the size of the photo frame and then cut a center rectangle in the middle of the foam holder to fit the LED matrix.
Install the LED matrix in the black foam core board.
You can fix the back of it with tape.
Now cover the front of the matrix and foam with black t-shirt.
This is what is needed for the effect of 2-way mirror.
If there is any white exposure, the mirror effect will be destroyed. Secure the t-
Shirts using adhesive tape or other adhesive.
Cut two with a glass cutter-
Way to mirror the size of the frame.
Now just install the LED matrix into the photo frame.
It should be a tight fit, so it won\'t move much, but you can also fix it with tape or other frame mounting.
Let\'s say you have covered the LED matrix correctly with black t-
Shirt, No white display, it will look like a mirror when closed.
If the LED matrix is not covered with black fabric or something else of equal Black, the mirror effect will be lost and the LED matrix will pass through two-way mirror.
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