choosing the correct number of led downlights

by:IPON LED     2020-06-21
While it is possible to create focus in the room using a single downlight, several or more downlights are required to provide adequate lighting to illuminate the entire room.The question is, how many people are needed?Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question as different rooms have different requirements depending on size and use.For example, a room like a kitchen, where food preparation is carried out, may require more light than the living room, because the atmosphere in the living room is more relaxed.In addition, you need to cater to your personal preferences.For ambient lighting, the LED downlights should be evenly spaced and arranged in a gridLike the pattern after the overall shape of the room.The purpose here is to create a uniform distribution of light, reducing the presence of shadows.Before you do anything, you have to be sure where the beams on the ceiling are.Once this is determined, you can start marking the location of the accessory.Starting from the wall, the distance of 80 cm is measured.This edge should be maintained to prevent too much light from shining on your walls and produce unwanted \"washing\" effects.Depending on the furniture in your room, this distance may have to be increased.For example, wall-mounted cabinets in the kitchen block the light and create too many shadows.The distance between each downlight depends on the size of the accessory.For example, the spacing of accessories with a diameter of 4 inch in each direction should be about 4 feet;Accessories with a diameter of 5 inch should be 5 feet apart, and so on.Reducing the space between accessories increases the amount of light in the room, while increasing the distance softens the effect.The addition of additional accessories will usually offset the decrease in the brightness of the smaller LED downlights.Alternatively, you can install the dimmer switch.This will allow you to change the brightness of the downlight as needed.Keep in mind that if you plan to use dimmable LED, you will need to upgrade to a low-load rear edge dimming switch.In addition to the general atmosphere, LED downlights can also be used to focus on specific areas of the room.This is best achieved by using a universal frame or eyesBall downlight that can be turned.Identify the room area you would like to draw your attention to and arrange your accessories accordingly.For example, if you have a lot of wall art, you may want to put your downlights a little closer to the wall on display, or combine the accessories together in the work area, to create stronger lighting in the area.
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