arduino based rgb matrix led tester

by:IPON LED     2020-05-18
This is a very simple Arduino project that controls the 16x32 rgb led matrix panel via a 16-pin IDC Cable.
Arduino will send 5 colors in a row (
Red, green, blue, white, black)
Enables the technician to find out which part of the LED matrix panel has failed.
After completing the big LED screen project, our company always missed many bad 16x32 rgb led matrix panels waiting for my diagnosis.
To find out where the actual problem is, I have to light up all the LED matrices. Usually, I have to use the computer plus the send card and the receive card, LED as shown in the picture above, power consumption, very troublesome.
By using Arduino, I can draw graphics like lines, circles, boxes and bitmaps on the LED matrix panel without using expensive computers & send/receive cards.
To control the rgb led matrix panel, you need to include the Adafruit RGB matrix panel library provided on GitHub.
This is an Arduino library for 16x32 and 32x32 rgb led matrix panels, and you can get more information on how to use the library on the Adafruit website.
Here is an example of the test code for this project.
Include \"adafruit_gfx \".
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