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by:IPON LED     2020-06-14
Most often, a person who knows little about electronics first looks at a circuit board full of components, and he or she gets confused by different strange objects and different drawings above.Therefore, they should be taught what electronics and semiconductors are before going deep into the topic.Electronics refers to the research and use of electrical appliances and equipment operated by controlling the flow of electrons or other charged particles in equipment such as hot ion valves and semiconductors.
Are the basic elements that are packed in small form with two or more connecting leads or metal pads.These elements are soldered on printed circuit boards in order to create electronic circuits for specific functions (possibly Radio, amplifier, etc.Components are usually packaged separately and each component has a different name, such as diodes, LEDs, transistors, integrated circuits, and mpu.
Electronic components are divided into passive devices and active devices.Those are the diodes-Valve for current.The action of the diode is to let the electricity flow in one direction from positive to negative, not in the opposite direction.Most diodes look similar to resistors and always have a line at one end showing direction or flow (the white side is a negative indication ).
In order for the current to flow, the negative side should be at the negative end of the circuit.If the negative pole is incorrectly placed on the positive side of the circuit, there will be no current flow.LEDs or LEDs are simple LEDs.They are used as indicator devices that display Machine opening.
They have different sizes and colors.
Some LEDs even emit infrared light that is invisible to the naked eye.Transistors are one of the most important inventions in the modern world.The transistor has two basic functions (a) to turn on and off the current as a switch, and (B) to use as an amplifier to convert the output signal to an enlarged input signal.
Depending on their application, there are transistors of different sizes.It can be used from high power transistors in stereo power amplifiers, to surface mounting (SMT), and even.5 micron wide, as in a microprocessor or integrated circuit.
It is well known that an integrated circuit is actually a complex circuit within a simple package.The integrated circuit is made of silicon and metal and is used to simulate resistors, capacitors, transistors, etc.ICs is compact and small in size.These components are packed in a wide variety of packages and sizes.
There are \"pins\" in the circuit that come out of them.The circuit is used to perform the task of a simple timer, to perform the task of a complex logic circuit, and even to use a micro-controller with built-in erasable memory (a microprocessor with some additional functions ).The microprocessor is a large-scale integrated circuit, which is very complicated.
The transistor is the core of the microprocessor, which provides logic for computers, cars, televisions and other electronic products.Today, as companies are looking for new ways and means to make smaller transistors, the microprocessor is getting smaller and smaller.A semiconductor is a substance consisting of solid chemical elements or compounds.
Semiconductors can conduct electricity under certain conditions, making them a good medium for controlling current.Its conduction capability varies depending on the current or voltage applied to the control electrode or the intensity of exposure to infrared (IR), visible light, ultraviolet (UV), or X-raysSemiconductor devices can also perform the functions of vacuum tubes that are hundreds of times larger.Microprocessor chips that can contain a single integrated circuit (IC) can perform the work of a set of vacuum tubes that will fill a large building and need their own power plants.
Semiconductors are used in electronic products and perform a large number of tasks, which makes communication faster and processing faster.If we know which component works best for a particular electronic device, the task will perform better.In this way, we can maximize the working potential of the equipment.
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