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12-24VDC 10A1ch CV 0-10V Dimmer IPS1L10V-0-DIM

product-IPON LED-img
product-IPON LED-img

12-24VDC 10A*1ch CV 0-10V Dimmer

- Model: IPS1L10V-0-DIM
- Input Voltage: 12-24VDC
- Output Current: Max 10A
- Channel:1 Channel

12V 24V 10A 0-10V LED Constant Voltage Dimmer IPS1L10V-0-DIM


1. Support a variety of analog dimming signal;
2. Support the short circuit, over-current protection and alarm function;

3. Support minimum brightness up-regulation function;
4. Support dimmer curve selection function;
5. More than kinds of functions can be selected by switch,please take the switch function tables as reference;
6. Function default setting is: 0-10V, 0V 100% output Log Dimming Curve, Mini brightness no up-regulation.

Technical Parameter

Product Name

12V 24V 10A 0-10V LED Constant Voltage Dimmer



Supply voltage input range ( DC )


Output current ( 1 channels)


Over current protection

When the overcurrent insicator lights up red

Short circuit protection

When short circuit indicator lights up red

Minimum brightness level

8 level

Support dimmer curve

2 kinds

Support the dimming signal type

0-10V active light modulation signal;

1-10V passive light modulation signal;

1-10V active light modulation signal.

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