1 watt led driver

by:IPON LED     2020-05-23
Frienddswel came to my other 1 W led Drive project.
It\'s simple and easy to build.
I just found a 1 W led driver circuit diagram online and the reason I made it was because it was very helpful to me.
Let\'s start.
With the help of this chart, we can build our own 1 W led drive circuit by following the steps.
You will need the wires1 tile leddides with the welded part: 1n4007 x4 resistor: 1 m, 10 ohm x3 capacitor: 1 uf/400 v, 4 splitter case.
7 uf/250 v x2 and 100 uf/50 v cut the veroboard according to the size of the splitter box.
Place the assembly on the veroboard according to the circuit diagram and then weld it very carefully.
Now, install your circuit into the splitter box and now your 1 W led driver is ready to use.
I hope you like it. Thanks.
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