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1/2/3Gang Smart Wifi Light API Control Wall For Smart Home

1/2/3Gang Smart Wifi Light Switch API Control Wall Switch For Smart Home

  • Size:86*86*35mm 

  • Max. Voltage:250V

  • Panel:Tempered glass panel

  • Color:White/Black

  • Using life:1000000 times

  • Woking temperature:-25°C~+60°C

Product Advantages:

1. No need Gateway. All switch has build in WIFI module, remote controller local control and app local control and remote control via 2/3/4G network and WIFI internet.
2. Unique group function. You can divide devices in different kinds or rooms. Turn on/off all the devices in group by one button.
3. Unique scene function. For example, all off scene when you away home, you can press it to turn off all devices.
4. Complete smart home system include: light, curtain, fan, dimmer, socket, AC, TV control, monitoring system.
5. Auto shutdown function: You can set the switch to turn off light at fixed time, for example 5 min, if you forget to turn off the light of garage or bathroom, it will turn off automatically to save energy.
6. Push notification: If you active this function on switch, when the light be turned on, the switch will push notification to your mobile phone, then you can know whether your kids back home or not..
7. Unique dip switch function. One 3 gang switch can be changed into 1/ 2 Gang and Curtain switch, also can change the LED color of Button.
8. Unique voice control function. You can control the switches just by your voice with mobile phone.
9. Mutual-control function,One switch can contrl other. For example, open the bedroom light at the door and shutdown it at the bedside.
10.Support Google home and Amazon Echo.All of our products can support Google home and Amazon Echo,voice control will be more convenient.

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